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Lecture Notes 1 22 2013

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PSYC 3030
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January 22 2013Sensory Memory has a large capacity but the information is lost very quicklyIf you dont pay attention to the sensations around you then those things wont make it into your shortterm memoryInformation is lost from your shortterm memory in about 20 seconds unless you do something else to keep the information activeComplex data is moved into the longterm memory Longterm memory has a large capacity The capacity is so long that we dont know if memories last forever or notLongterm memory could influence sensory memory and things can completely bypass shortterm memoryWe have 9 sensory registersVisual sightOlfactory smellGustatory tasteAuditory hearingTactile touchNocioceptive painThermal temperatureVestibular balanceProprioceptive body positionWe usually talk about sensory memory in vision or hearing mostly because its easySM holds information in its LITERAL form giving perceptual processes time to workSegner tied the coal to a wheel and spun it He saw a glowing ring of light He accidentally stumbled upon how ou
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