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Lecture Notes 3 26 2013

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PSYC 3030
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3262013More Conceptual KnowledgeESSAY QUESTIONSideBySideHNMHierarchical organization of objects and attributes AnimalBirdsOwlHootsEvidence comes from sentence verification tasks The further up you have to climb in the hierarchy the longer it takes for you to verify the sentence This does not explain typicality effectsFCMListtype organization of defining BirdsLiving thing has wings lays eggs breathes and characteristic PenguinWaddles Swims features The defining features are common to all members of the category Evidence comes from sentence verification tasks The more similar objects result in shorter response times This does explain typicality effects as well as reverse typicality effects A pencil is a birdWhats wrong with FCMRips found that the features arent binary We dont have things that are domestic or not we have gradations of size domesticity etc FCM cant handle thatProperties are actually continuous not discrete Spreading Activation Model SAMThe shorter connections between two objects the more similar the objects are This implies that different people are going to have different networks of similarity experts It explains t
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