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Lecture Notes 1 29 2013

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1292013The Stroop EffectIf we have a filter theory of attention we can only process certain streams at a time However we can multitask listening to the teacher taking notesWhats important is the level of demand that the tasks require We can do more than one thing at a time as long as we dont use up the capacityIf two tasks combined exceed your capacity you wont be able to do bothThe two factors that determine whether tasks will exceed capacityTask difficultyTask similarityPosnerBoies 1971 Dual TaskThey had participants do 2 tasks at the same time First they just had to determine if two letters were the same If the letters were the same they would push a button with their right hand If the letters were different theyd push a button with their left handSecond they had to wear headphones and detect tones If they heard the tone they would push a button with their left handWhen youre really focusing on something you slow down at responding to things outside of your focusDriving really suffers when yo
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