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Industrial Organization Psychology Notes

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3050

Psyc 3050What is IO Psychologyformal definition application of psychological principles and theories to the workplacedefined for your grandmotherthe study of how people get along with each other at work and are able to do their jobs effectivelyIndustrial vs Organizationalindustrial psychology associated with job analysis training selection and performance measurementorganizational psychology deals with motivation work attitudes leadership and organizational developmentdiff from business degressresearch quantitative methods testingfacts affecting People in OrganizationsThe Psychological PerspectiveThe training of IO PsychologistsSociety for Industrial and Organizational Psychology SIOP is the professional association with which IO Psychologists affiliate wwwsioporgtraining approach uses the Scientist Practitioner Model IO psychologists are both generators and consumers of knowledgetraining focuses on developing diverse competenciesCompetency skills abilities and capabilities that allow people to effectively Perform functionsmost IO psychologists have MAs or PhDs25 years of graduate trainingculminating in piece of scholarly researchCompetencies of IO PsychologistsConsulting and Business SkillsEthical Legal and Professional Contexts of IO PsychologyFields of PsychologyHistory and Systems of PsychologyResearch MethodsStatistical methods DataAnalysisAttitude Theory Measurement and ChangeCareer DevelopmentConsumer BehaviorCriterion Theory and DevelopmentHealth Stress in OrganizationsHuman Performance Human FactorsIndividual AssessmentIndividual DifferencesJob Evaluation and CompensationJobTask AnalysisJudgment and Decision MakingLeadership and ManagementOrganizational DevelopmentOrganizational TheoryPerformance Appraisal and FeedbackPersonnel Recruitment Selection Placement and ClassificationSmall Group Theory and Team ProcessesTraining Theory Program Design and EvaluationWork Training What IO Psychologists DoCareers emphasize science and research or practice39 are professors employed by universities20 work in private organizations6 work in public organizations35 work in consulting firmsThe Science and Practice of IO PsychologyPrimary areas for IO workSelectionTrainingOrganizational DevelopmentPerformance AppraisalQuality of WorkLife Employee AttitudesHuman FactorsThe History of IOPre WW1Walter Dill ScottWundt student talk in Chicago 1901Theory and Practice of Advertising 19031915 Carnegie Tech Division of Applied Psychology established by Walter VanDyke BinghamScott is its first professorHugo MunsterbergHarvard Psychology and Industrial Efficiency 1913WW1 through 1920sYerkes President of APA Development of the Army Alpha and Beta mentalability testsMilitary uses IO Psychologists extensively Bingham and ScottBruce V MooreFirst IO PhD from Carnegie Tech 192110 IO Psychologists in 1917 50 in 19291930s to WW2Hawthorne Studies
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