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by OneClass284174 , Winter 2013
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PSYC 3050
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EXAM 1 Study Guide
What is I/O Psychology?
The application of psychological principles and theories in the workplace
The study of how people get along with each other at work and are able to do their jobs effectively
Among other things, I/O psychologists study:
othe attitudes and behaviors of employees and employers
ointerpersonal relationships at work
othe structure of organizations and organizational policies
othe complex process of motivation and leadership
oindividual and organizational performance
othe context, culture, and climate of organizations
othe match between people and jobs
Industrial psychology and organizational have been distinguished from each other based on their respective
content areas:
Industrial psychology
oSometimes called personnel psychology
oAssociated with
job analysis
training selection
performance measurement/appraisal
Organizational psychology
oDeals with
work attitudes
process of organizations
There is no broad line that divides workplace problems into organizational or industrial ones. This is
why most I/O psychologists are trained as I/O psychologists
oI and O are put together for this reason:
They are interdependent, related areas that form one applied subspecialty of
How are I/O Psychologists Trained?
The Scientist/Practitioner Model
oI/O psychologists are often both the generators of knowledge (scientists)
oAnd the consumers of such knowledge (practitioners)
To effectively teach future I/O psychologists, one must be able to share insights at
oA theoretical level
oAn applied level
The goal of graduate training in I/O psychology is to develop competencies which are:
oCapabilities that allow people to effectively perform specific functions.
oCompetencies of I/O Psychologists
Consulting and Business Skills
Ethical, Legal, and Professional Contexts of I/O Psychology
Fields of Psychology
History and Systems of Psychology
Research Methods
Statistical methods/ Data-Analysis
Attitude Theory, Measurement, and Change
Career Development
Consumer Behavior
Criterion Theory and Development
Health Stress in Organizations
Human Performance/ Human Factors
Individual Assessment
Individual Differences
Job Evaluation and Compensation
Job/Task Analysis
Judgment and Decision Making
Leadership and Management
Organizational Development
Organizational Theory
Performance Appraisal and Feedback
Personnel Recruitment, Selection, Placement and Classification
Small Group Theory and Team Processes
Training: Theory, Program Design, and Evaluation
Work Training
The importance of diversity in the training of I/O psychologist
oRefers to an awareness and understanding of ethnic, racial, cultural, age, and gender
Most I/O Psychologists have M.A.s or PhD’s
o2.5 years of graduate training
oCulminating in piece of scholarly research (form of book, set of studies in APA Format) 
What do I/O Psychologists do?
Careers emphasize science and research on practice
o39% are professors- employed by universities
o20% work for private organizations
o5% are working for public organizations (local, state, and federal)
o35% work for consulting firms
The science and practice of I/O psychologists
oPrimary areas for I/O work
a) Experts work on the development and administration of tests used for employee
b) Important element: validation of selection instruments to ensure that the
adequately predict job performance
a) Great deal of time and money on training programs developed by I/O
Organizational Development

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