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1PSYC 3050 EXAM2Chapter 6Predictors The closer to 1 the better a predictor it is1Importance of PredictorsaSelection is about predictionforecasting who is likely to succeed in jobs on available dataiEven if its an interviewcognitive testbIf we knew who was going to be a good performer we wouldnt need predictorscIf effect predictors forecast criteria since we dont have the criterion data2Classification of TestsaTestsystematic procedure for observing behavior and describing it with the aid of numerical scalesiTestPredictorsAssessmentsbTypes of TestsiSpeed vs Power1Speedcomposed of easier items with a short time limit in which individuals are told to do as many as they canaTyping tests2Powerno fixed time limit or lots of time but items are more difficultaSATiiIndividual vs Group1Individualadministered to one person at a timevery costly in terms of time and moneyaGeneral Cognition Ability test like the WAIS IIIbNot used that often in employment settings usually need a license psychologist to administer the test one on one2Group many applicants can be tested at same time aGen Cognition Ability test like Wonderlic Personnel TestiiiPaper and Pencil vs Performance1Paper and Pencilmost typical kind of test where individuals are asked to respond to a series of items in a test bookletaMost Cognitive Ability Tests GREs2Performance require the manipulation of an object or piece of equipmentaFlight simulators3Validity of PredictorsReviewaReliability and Validity are very important within the context of predictors Criterion Validity is critical to the demonstration of construct validity2iPredictor must be related to a criterion indicated by correlation between predictor and criterioniiIn selectioncorrelation are Validity Coefficients 4Types of predictorsOutlineaStandardized testsiCognitive AbilityBelief that Cognitive Ability intelligence is important for most if not all jobsThus among the most frequent predictors used in selection Began with Army Alpha and Beta tests specificControversy Racial Differences1General CATS early tests Army Alpha were designed to measure General Cognitive AbilityaResearch has shown that General Cognitive Ability accounts for a large proportion of criterion variance r0532br025 lots left to account forCan we do better than just using General CATiIncremental ValiditycWonderlic WAIS Ravens Progressive Matrices2Specific CATSpredicts whether an individual will do well in a job given specific abilitiesaMechanicalcomprehension of mechanical relations Bennett MechbSpatialspatial relations Space Relations TestscClericalrelevant for hundreds of jobs including secretary administrative assistant and clerk Minnesota Clerical dr040 to 050 rangeiiPsychomotor 1measuring sensory abilitiesthe speed and accuracy of motor and sensory coordinationaPacker machine operator assembler electrician fighter pilot air traffic controller baseball player2Purdue Pegboard test hearing vision tests3r040 to 0504NOTE validities for all tests differ as a function of the jobaBack to the job analysis and identifying the appropriate KSAOsiiiPersonalityMeasure individual traits and predispositions to behave in particular ways across situations1More recent research on this class of predictors than any other
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