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Test 3 Stress and Worker WellBeing Chapter 11Stress and StrainsStress any force that puts a psych or physical function beyond its range of stabilityStress leads to strainStrain undesirable personal outcomes that result from stressful experiences Sources of stressOrganizational Stressfueled by coping strategies StrainSources of StressIntrinsic work factorsRole variablesInterpersonal relationshipsCareer developmentCoping StrategiesProblem focusedEmotion focusedStrainJob RelatedLow job satisfactionIneffective performanceLack of motivationIncreased absencesEmotion relatedEmotional exhaustionDepressionIrritabilityReduced esteemPhysiologicalIncreased illnessesPhysiological changes blood pressure chest pains heart rate etcWorkplace Stress ModelIntrinsic factors such as perceived control play a significant role in creating stressRole variables such as role ambiguity and role conflict also create stressRole Ambiguity derive from unclear expectationsRole Conflict derive from inconsistent expectations mixed messages and mixed signals from a superiorInterpersonal relationships with supervisors and coworkers also give rise to stressCareer development and change can lead to more responsibility which equals stressst21 Century Organizational stressors and how to deal with themLess Supervision Develop own responsibilitiesobjectives Seek highquality feedback from othersTeam Culture Be prepared for and accept empowermentImprove your communication skillsDownsizing Be aware of rumors but dont let them overcome you Work hard and creatively to prove your worth to your organizationDiversity Become more aware of your own values and prejudices Consider the many benefits that come from diversity including increasing productivityThree Types of StrainJobrelated Low satisfaction and less motivationEmotional Less Patience and increased irritabilityBurnout Reflected by emotional exhaustion cynical views of work and belief that one is not usefulPhysiological Illness becomes more frequent role in development of heart diseaseManagerial Perspective on StressStress is either challenge or hindrancerelatedChallengerelated stress is positively related to satisfaction negatively to job searchHinderancerelated stress interferes with work and is negatively related to job satisfaction positively related to job searchDifferent types of stress have differential effects on important outcomesCoping with StressCoping efforts that help individuals manage and reduce stressProblemfocused actions are targeted toward solving stressinducing problemFinding compromises to problem issuesEmotionfocused cognitive strategies to minimize effects of stressinducing eventsRationalizing situations to reduce stressEffectiveness of coping depends on coping method type of stressor and ones self viewWarrs Environmental Determinants of WellBeingOpportunity for personal controlOpportunity for skill useVarietyEnvironmental clarityValued social positionExternally generated goalsAvailability of moneyPhysical securitySupportive supervisorOpportunity for interpersonal contact Factors related to jobrelated wellbeingThe more ones job provides the factors in Warrs model the greater ones wellbeing You can have too much of a good thingToo many demands and too much responsibility can overwhelm employees Workfamily conflictMore dualearner households than ever before78 of women with kids between 6 and 17 are employed outside the home78 of EEs surveyed indicate their 1 priority is to balance work and family life22 of EEs think they cant have a good family life and get ahead in their companiesSpillover Model Attitudes and behaviors carry over from one domain to the otherCompensation Model Domains of work and family operate in counterbalancing mannerSegmentation Model Work and family issues are kept separate little overlapFamilyfriendly benefitsFamilyleave policies allow employees to take time off to tend to family issuesChildcare benefits help employees in providing care for their kidsElder care assistance help employees care for their aging parents and relativesExamples of Familyfriendly programs offered by organizationsTraditional BenefitsChild Care Benefits
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