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PSYC 3050Chapter 1The History of IO Psychology1What is IO PsychologyaDefinition application of psychological principals and theories to the work placebThe study of how people get along with each other at work and are able to do their jobs effectively2Industrial vs OrganizationalaIndustrialassociated with job analysis training selection and performance measurementbOrganizationaldeals with motivation work attitudes leadership and organizational developmentcDifferent from business degreesiResearch quant methods testioniiFactors affecting people in organizationsiiiThe Psychological Perspective3The training of IO psychologistsaSociety for Industrial and Organizational Psychologist SLOP is the professional association with which IO psychologists affiliate wwwsloporgbTraining approach uses the scientistpractitioner Model IO psychologists are both generators and consumers of knowledgecTraining focuses on developing diverse competencies iCompetency skill abilities and capabilities that allow people to effectively perform functionsdMost IO psychologists have MAs or PhDsi25 years of graduate trainingiiCulminating in piece of scholarly research4Competencies of Io psychologistsaConsulting and business skillsbEthics legal and professional contests of IO psychologycFields of psychologydHistory and systems of psychologyeResearch methodsfStatistical methodsdata analysisgAttitude theorymeasurement and change hCareer developmentiConsumer behaviorjCriterion theory and developmentkHealth stress in organizationslIndividual assessmentsmIndividual differencesnJob evaluation and compensationoJobtask analysispJudgment and decision makingqLeadership and managementrOrganizational developmentsOrganizational theorytPerformance appraisal and feedbackuPersonal recruitment selection placement and classificationvSmall group theory and team processeswTraining theory program design and evaluationxWork motivation5What IO psychologists DoaCareers emphasize science and research on practiceb39 are professors employed by universitiesc20work for private organizationsd6 are working for public organizationse35work for consulting firms6The science and practice of IO psychologistsaPrimary areas for IO workiSelectioniiTrainingiiiODivPerformance appraisalvQuality of work employee attitudesviHuman factors7History of IOaPre WW1iWalter Dill ScottWundt student talking Chicago 1901 theory and practice of advertising 1903 ii1915 Carnegie Tech Division of Applied Psyc Established by Walter VanDyke Bingham 1Scott is its first professoriiiHugo Munsterberg Harvardpsyc organizational efficiency 1913bWW1 through 1920iYerkes development of the army alpha and beta mental ability testsiiMilitary uses IO ps extensively1Bringham and ScottiiiBruce V Moore first IO PhD from Carnegie Tech 1921iv10 IO psychologists in 1917 50 in 1929c1930 WW2iHauthorne studiesiiTheo Side emerges as research and word focuses on group processes work motivation and other organizationsdWW21960iThe war beganBringham and ScottiiCenters of research emergeLewins century group dynamics at MITiiiRapid growth in diversity of universities offering IO graduate e1980sCognitive RevolutioniInternet applications to IOiiWork family issuesiiiTeams
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