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Chapter 5

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Chapter5PerformanceAppraisalPerformance appraisal is basically rating peoples performance It is a systematic review and evaluation of an employees job performance and the delivery of performance feedback The important thing about this is that you can use it to improve someones performance Giving them feedback on where they need to improve Without this we wouldnt know how to adjust our behavior We use this forPersonnel Decisionspromoting firing etc Developmental Purposesidentify strengths and weaknesscoachingDocumentationprovide a line of legal defense against lawsuitsIf we design this we want to make sure its the best job related standard as possible We dont want this to be poorly designed Poorly designed systems result in very negative consequences such asWrong people get promoted or firedEmployees feel treated unfairly and behave accordinglyOutcomes include low motivation low commitment to organization counterproductive behaviors job dissatisfaction etcIndustrialOrganizationalandPerformanceAppraisalIO psychologists especially wellsuited to be involved in PA because of training Measurement expertise HR knowledge Organizational psychologyPerformance management process of individual performance improvement includes 1Goal setting 2 Coachingfeedback3 Pa 4 Developmental planning ContextualApproachPA is a socialpsychological process Communication occurs within this social context Used to believe that accuracy was the primary goal of performance appraisalthis research on formats and errors Now we realize that the social context makes PA a complex process of which accuracy is just one part Rating Formats Overview
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