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Fall 2011 Class 3

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Job Analysis Chapter 3oJob analysis definedProcess of defining a job in terms of its component tasks or duties and the knowledge or skills required to perform themoCollection of data describingoObservable job behaviors including both what is accomplished and how it is accomplishedoCharacteristics of the job environment including physical mechanical social and informational elementsTerminologyoElements Smallest unit of work activityoTasks Multiple elements of work performed to achieve an objectiveoPosition Defined by the task an individual performsoJob Collection of positions similar enough to one another to share a common job titleApproaches to Job AnalysisoJoborientedFocuses on describing various tasks that are performed on the jobVery specific task descriptionoWorkerorientedExamine broad human behaviors involves in work activitiesDescription of general facets of the jobJob analysis methods overviewoNote JA not focused on the job holderoJob oriented approachesTask inventory approachesFunctional job analysis
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