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Chapter 6A correlation coefficient is a validity coefficientthe closest to 10 is the closerImportance of PredictorsA Selection is also about predictionforecasting who is likely to succeed in jobs based on available dataB If we knew who was going to be a good performer we wouldnt need predictorsC In effect predictors forecast criteria since we dont have criterion dataD We often use standardized tests as predictors These can be administered in a group But some such as intelligence tests have to be given individuallyClassification of testsATest systematic procedure for observing behavior and describing it with the aid of numerical scales1TestspredictorsassessmentsBTypes of tests 1 Speed vs power aSpeed test composed of easier items with a short time limit in which individuals are told to do as many as they canTyping testsbpower test no fixed time limit or lots of time but items are more difficult SAT2Individual vs groupaIndividual tests administered to one person at a time which makes it very costlyGeneral cognition Ability test like the WAISIII Wechslerlicensed psychologist would administer it one on one because certain things must be manipulated during these detailed testsbGroup tests can test lots of applicants at same time Wonderlic can be administered in group Tests ability to deal with clerical tasks not specific content3Paper and pencil vs performanceaPencil and paper most typical kind of test where individuals are asked to respond to series of items in test bookletMost cognitive ability tests GREsbPerformance tests requires person to manipulate an object or piece of equipmentflight simulator all errors recorded on computer Good for training and giving feedback as a performance testWhen selecting for jobs that require skills performance tests are very importantValidity of Predictors AReliability and validity are very important Within the context of predictors criterion validity is critical to the demonstration of construct validity1Predictor must be related to a criterion2Indicated by correlation between predictor and criterionaCorrelation is just a statistic3In selectioncorrelations are validity coefficients 4Reliability validityparallel forms testretest internal consistency5Construct validitycontent criterionrelatedDefinecovergent divergentTypes of PredictorsOutline AStandardized Tests1 Cognitive ability Belief that cognitive ability is important for most if not all jobs These are among the most frequent predictors used in selection These tests began with Army Alpha and Army Beta Some controversy is centered on racial differences People from certain regions might have difficulty understanding some conceptsa General cognitive ability early tests army alpha were designed to measure general cognitive ability Research has shown that CATS accounts for a large proportion of criterion variance r53 Are decent predictors of performance Aboutof prediction is left to account for Can carefully structured interviews or biographical information help Good place to startIncremental validity Dont have to make entire selection based on your CAT Can use a battery of different tests to help make decisionCATs are quick to administer wonderlic WAIS Ravens Progressive MatricesNot all CATs focus on verbal and mathematical concepts Some are designed for specific abilities such as mechanics b Specific abilitypredict whether an individual will do well in a job given specific abilitiesMechanical comprehension of mechanical relations 1Bennett Mechputting small pictures together and asking for an answer Which direction would one thing move based on an image of another motionSpatial Spatial Relations1Space Relations TestClerical relevant for hundreds of jobs 1Minnesota Clericalcomparing letters and words and looking for errorsr40 50 range2 Psychomotormeasures sensory abilitiesspeed and accuracy of motor and sensory coordinationaPacker machine operator assembler electrician fighter pilot air traffic controller baseball playerPerdue pegboard test1place pegs in holes and move them as fast as you can through a series of holes No questions to answer Scored on how fast they can manipulate small objectsr40 50validities for all these tests differ as the function of the job changesBack to the job analysis and identifying the appropriate KSAs
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