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PSYC3050 FinalReview

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PSYC 3050
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PSYC 3050Final Exam Review Chapter 1014Attitudes 11Flexible schedules 1Understand the definition of job satisfaction2Antecedents and consequences 3Job characteristics model 4Autonomy often leads to job satisfaction 5Affective disposition and how it affects job satisfactionaAD accounts for 30 variance in JS 6Emotional regulation and labor Groups 7Withdrawal behaviors 1Informal groups function to satisfy security and 8Read about gender roles in organizations and in safety needs certain occupations 2Social loafing and freeriding9Dualcareer couples 3Decisionmaking effectiveness 10Work centrality 4Process of effective decision making 5Consensus Stress6Stages of effective decision making 1General model of stress7Groupthink symptoms 2Some challengerelated stressors relate 8Roles and role ambiguity positively to job satisfaction9Team effectiveness 3Compensation 10Group cohesion 4Segmentation 5Spillover models Leadership 63 models of familywork relations 1Basis of power of French and Raven 7Organizational motivated aggression2Fred Feidlers contingency theory 8Risk factors of assault 3McGregors Theory XY9Violence in the workplace 4Behavior theories 10Job loss5Leadermember exchange 4Lewins change model 6Trait theories 5Unfreezing moving freezing 7Transactional leadership 6Elements of the organizational change process 8Gender effects in leadership7Effective interventions must fit the organizations needs 8OD interventions Organizational Development 9Gainsharing 1Span of control 10Equifinality 2Team building3Total quality management TQMSTUDY GUIDE Final 3050Job Satisfaction pleasurable positive emotional state resulting from the cognitive appraisal of ones job or job experiencesAntecedents of Job Satisfaction Job CharacteristicsHackmanOldhams Job characteristic theoryoSkill varietyoTask identityoTask significanceoAutonomy
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