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Industrial/Organizational Study Guide Exam 2

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Chapter 6 PredictorsClassification of testsSpeed test timed tests doesnt matter if you dont finishPower test no time limit but more difficultIndividual test test administered to one person at a timeGroup test many applicants being tested at one timePaperandpencil test frequently used test where individuals respond to questions in a test booklet or scantron Forms include essay multiplechoice true or false and short answerPerformance test require manipulation of an object or piece of equipment Ex DoctorsCognitive Ability Test 137Also called intelligence tests Specific Cognitive Ability Tests specific abilities mechanical clerical spatial emotional intelligence and General Cognitive Ability tests general ability to learnNoncognitive Ability Test psychomotor speed and accuracy personality and integrity honestyPersonality Test a test where numbers are systematically assigned to individuals characteristics Multiple Hurdle a rendition of the multiple cutoff approach where the predictors are administered in a predetermined order and applicants are measured on the next predictor only if they scored above the cutoff on the previous predictorSuccessive Hurdle Concurrent Validity Collect data on both predictors and criteria from incumbent employees at the same time and a validity coefficient is computed between the predictor score and the criterion scorePredictive Validity Gather predictor data on all of the applicants hire applicants to fill open positions gather performance data that can serve as the criteria for our validation study after a few months have passed and compute a validity coefficient between the predictor score and the criterion score that indicates the strengthValidity Generalization a statistical approach used to demonstrate that test validities do not vary across situations
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