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Notes 08 25 11 Chapter 1

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IO PsychologyChapter 1What is IO Psychology Formal Description Application of psychological principles and theories to the workplace Defined for your Grandmother The study of how people get along with each other at work and are able to do their jobs effectively altering behaviors moods to reach a goalIndustrial vs Organization Industrial Psychology Associated with job analysis training selection through employment tests and performance measurement Organizational PsychologyDeals with motivation work attitudes leadership and organizational developments Different from Business DegreesResearch Quant Methods Testing ie PsychometricsFactor affecting people in organizations focusing on the personpeopleThe Psychological PerspectiveThe Training of IO Psychologists Society for Industrial and Organization Psychology SIOP is he professional association with which IO Psychologists affiliate Training approach uses the ScientistPractitioner ModelIO psychologists are both generators and consumers Training focuses on developing diverse competenciesCompetency skills abilities and capabilities that allow people to effectively perform functions Most IO Psychologists have MAs or PhDs25 years of graduate trainingCulminating in piece of scholarly researchCompetencies of IO Psychologists see book Consulting and Business Skills Ethical legal and professional contexts of IO Psychology Fields of Psychology History and Systems of Psychology Research methods Statistical Methods DataAnalysis Attitude theory measurement and change Career development Consumer Behavior Criterion theory and development Health stress in organizationsHuman Performance Human factors Individual assessment Individual differences gender age performancecognitive tests Job evaluation and compensation Job Task analysis Judgment and decision making1Page
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