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Notes 10 20 11 Chapter 9

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IO PsychologyChapter 9Organizational PsychologyFormal beginning of Organizational Part of IO PsychologySystematic study of dispositional and situational variables that influence the behaviors and experiences of individuals and groups at workTopics include Motivation Job Attitudes Work WellBeing Groups Leadership Organizational Theory and DevelopmentWork MotivationForce that drives people to behave in certain waysEnergizes creates a force that results in some level of effortDirects focuses effort in a particular way towards certain objectivesSustains maintains effort over a period of timeMotivation does not equal performance3 Categories of Motivational TheoriesNeedMotiveValue Theoriesemphasize role of personality needs and values are basis of behavioral differencesCognitive Choice Theoriesassume people are active decision makers who strive to be rational in choosing behavior and effortSelfRegulation Theoriesindividuals actively monitor behavior and make adjustments in pursuit of goalsNeedMotiveValue TheoriesOverviewMaslows Hierarchy of NeedsAldefers ERG TheoryHerzbergs TwoFactor TheoryJob Characteristics TheoryMaslows Hierarchy of NeedsWe are aroused by certain needs that are biological and instinctive in natureoLower order needs physiological safety and loveoHigher order needs esteem selfactualizationMotivated first by lower when these are met higherorder become more importantAldefers ERG TheoryFocused on subjective states of need satisfaction and desireoExistence needsequivalent to physiological and safety needsoRelatedness needscorrespond to love needsoGrowth needsparallel esteem and selactualizationAll 3 categories can operate simultaneouslyFrustrationRegression individual frustrates at a higher level refocuses energy on satisfying lower needsHerzbergs TwoFactor TheoryDeterminants of job satisfaction are different from those for job dissatisfactionoMotivatorsfactors that lead to satisfaction such as recognition interesting work and responsibility1Page
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