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Chapters 7 And 8

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PSYC 3050
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Chapter 7Selection Decisions and Personnel LawSelection batterya set of predictors or tests that are used to make employee hiring decisionsRecruitmentoThe process of encouraging potentially qualified applicants to seek employment with a particular companyoPersonenvironment fitthe agreement or match between an individuals KSAOs and values and the demands of a job and characteristics of an organizationThe Selection DecisionoPredictive validation1 Gather predictor data on all of the applicants from interviews work sample tests and an assessment center2 Hire some of the applicants to fill the open positions3 After several months gather performance data that can serve as the criteria for our validation study4 Compute a validity coefficient between the predictor score and the criterion score that indicates the strength of the relationship between our predictor and our criterionoConcurrent Validation1 Data on both predictors and criteria are collected from incumbent employees at the same time2 A validity coefficient is computed between the predictor score and the criterion scoreoConcurrent and predictive validation differ i
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