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IO Psych FINAL EXAM CHAPTER 11Stress the FORCE that pushes a psychological or physical function beyond its range of stability causes Strain undesirable outcomes RESULTING from STRESS STRESS Things that cause stress Intrinsic factors like poor working conditions and lack of control Robert Karaseks demandcontrol model of stress stress is a function of the psychological demands of work and the amount of decision latitude or control that employees are provided Role a set of behaviors expected of a person who occupies a particular position in a groupRole ambiguity role expectations are unclearRole conflict role expectations are inconsistent like your boss tells you to be creative and when you do he says you are breaking company policy mixed messages Interpersonal relationships at workBook Working Scared says that stress nervousness and uneasiness associated with the changing nature of work have left people working scared scared of being downsized fired etcStressors Sources of stress like the thought of getting laid off Two different kinds of stressEpisodic Stress result of a particular life situation like family issues changing economic conditions worry warts or Type A personalities Chronic Stress consistent stress stemming from lifelong experiences like poverty or dysfunctional family that can lead to suicide or violence STRAINS Three types of strain Jobrelated you have a job that creates stress you arent satisfied with the job This lack of satisfaction caused by stress causes up to 19 absenteeism and 40 turnover in US Emotional Stress is hard on us emotionally Burnout Employees become so stressed that they experience emotional exhaustion depersonalization cynical view of others and the work role that often results in detachment and a sense of reduced personal accomplishment Burnout can cause depression low selfesteem and can effect job performance organizational commitment and turnover
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