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Notes 09 01 11 Chapter 2

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IO PsychologyChapter 2What is Science Science Process for generating a body of knowledge A logic of inquiry or way of doing things Scientists strive for an understanding of the world in which we liveGoals of Science Description Accurate portrayal of phenomenon Explanation Better understand phenomenon Prediction Anticipate occurrence of events Control Able to manipulate variables to affect behaviorAssumptions of Science Empiricism Best way to understand behavior is to generate theory and test with data Determinism Behavior is orderly and systematicDiscoverability It is possible to discover the orderlinessTheories Set of interrelated concepts and propositions that present a systematic view of phenomenaPurpose to describe explain and predictSo theories further the goals of scienceSome say that the primary objective of science is theory building What makes a good theoryParsimony Simplicityto a scientist its the simplest way to describe your theoryPrecisionTestabilityUsefulnessGenerativitytheories should generate more researchChicken or Egg Data or Theory Induction Approach to science that consists of working data to theory Deduction Start with theory and then collect data Good scientists use both approachesThe Cyclical InductiveDeductive Model of Researchway of framing overall investigation topicsThe Cyclical InductiveDeductive Model of Research Can start with either data or theory Most research is probably driven by inductive processesoriginal theory is likely based on data from somewhere1Page
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