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Notes 09 29 11 Chapter 6

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IO PsychologyChapter 6Importance of PredictorsSelection is about predictionforecasting who is likely to succeed in jobs based on available dataIf we knew who was going to be a good performer we wouldnt need predictorsIn effect predictors forecast criteria since we dont have criterion dataClassification of TestsTestsystematic procedure for observing behavior and describing it with the aid of numerical scalesoTestspredictorsassessmentsTypes of TestsoSpeed vs PoweroIndividual vs GroupoPaperandPencil vs PerformanceSpeed vs PowerSpeed Testcomposed of easier items with a short time limit in which individuals are told to do as many as they canoEx typing testsPower Testno fixed time limit or lots of time but items are more difficultoEx SAT and ACTIndividual vs Group Individual Testsadministered to one person at a timevery costly in terms of time and moneyoGeneral cognitive ability test like the WAISIIIGroup Testsmany applicants can be tested at the same timeoGeneral cognitive ability tests like Wonderlic Personnel TestPaperandPencil vs PerformancePandP Testsmost typical kind of test where individuals are asked to respond to a series of items in a test bookletoMost cognitive ability tests GREsPerformance Testsrequire the manipulation of an object or piece of equipmentoFlight SimulationsValidity of Predictors ReviewReliability and Validity are very importantWithin the context of predictors criterion validity looking at whether your predictor is associated with job performance or not is critical to the demonstration of construct validityoPredictor must be related to a criterionoIndication by correlation between predictor and criterionoIn selectioncorrelations are validity coefficients 1Page
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