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Notes 11 03 11 Chapter 10

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IO PsychologyChapter 10Job Attitudes Antecedents and ConsequencesWhat are attitudes Why are they importantAttitudedegree of positive and negative feeling towards an objectAttitudes predict behavior through intentions AjzenFishbeinoTheory of Reasoned ActionTheory of Reasoned ActionAttitudes and Subjective Norms affect intentions which impact behaviorsoSubjective NormsIndividual perceptions of social pressures to performTheory of Planned Behavior Figure 101Azjen and Madden revised theoryAttitudes Subjective NormsPerceived Behavioral Control PBC affect Intentions which impact BehavioroPerceived Behavioral ControlIndividual belief about ease of performing behavioroPBC is similar to selfefficacy and expectancyWhy add PBC Why direct effect on behaviorWhy IO folks should study AttitudesThe belief that they influence behaviorHumanitarians wish to improve work attitudes to benefit people in generalHelp us understand the influence of attitudes at work and how attitudes affect our nonwork livesJob Satisfaction Figure 102Pleasurable positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of ones job or job experienceits cognitiveLockes PerceptValue Theory 1976oSaid that employers should aid employees in the pursuit of happinessPractitioners have always viewed it as an important determinant of productivity Organ 1988Job CharacteristicsFrom HackmanOldhams Job Characteristics THoerySturcture of job and what job rovides affects job satisfaction ValuePercept TheorySpectorJex 91 EEs perceptions of JCs and job satisfaction are positively related r30s to 40sDaily Hassles negatively related to job satisfaction Hart 1999IndividualPesrsonal CharacteristcsStaw 198 and his colleaguesoSatisfaction stable over time suggest individual differences play an important roleoAffective DispositionTendency to respond to classes of environmental stimuli In predetermined waysoJudges work on selfesteem1Page
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