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Notes 10 06 11 Chapter 7

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3050

IO PsychologyChapter 7A Brief Review of Selection Figure 71Organizations often use Selection Batteries to make employee hiring decisionsSelection BatteriesoSet of tests or predictors used for hiringoPredictors developed and selected based on information from job analysisoEffective batteries predict success better than the use of any one testConsiderations for the 660 IncSelection Batter for middle level managersWhat do we dooJA to generate Job Specifications and Job DescriptionoFrom these we would generate performance criteria and predictorsCostsoBoth time and money are importantRedundancyoIf predictors relate too closely they dont add any information ex administering two cognitive ability tests when one is sufficientRecruitmentBut before we can do selection we have to recruit applicantsThe process of encouraging potentially qualified applicants to seek employment with a particular companyEfficiency of selection system is limited by effectiveness of recruitmentMany sources can be utilizedoNewspaper classifieds local and national Internet monstercom newsletters hiring brochures campus career centers employee referralsSelection DecisionsWeve been talking about validity and validation since the first week of class so selection should be based on valid testsTwo general approaches to demonstrating the validity of a selection batteryoValidation Study Either Predictive or ConcurrentoValidation DesignsoValidity Generalization Predictive ValidityThe extent to which test scores obtained at one time predict criteria obtained at some future timeSteps for a Predictive Validity studyoGather predictor data on all applicantsoHire applicants based on predictors not part of the selection batteryoGather performance data to serve as criteria for validationoCompute validity coefficient between predictor score and criterion score1Page
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