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Notes 09 08 11 Chapter 4

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IO PsychologyChapter 4The Criterion ProblemDefining and measuring performance criteria is difficult because of its multidimensional nature and various purposesWhat are suitable criteria for one organizational decision may not be for one anotherNo one criterion adequately measures performance psychology teaches us that behavior is complexso is performanceDefining CriteriaCriteria evaluative standards that can be used as yardsticks for measuring employees success or failure most typical criterion in IO is performanceUse of criteria appraise employee performance validate a selection battery make layoff decisionsPoor choice of criteria can be very problematic for an organizationUltimate CriterionIncludes everything that defines job performanceIt an abstract conceptVery complex and never completely accessible Thorndike 1949Try to do our best by approaching this goal or ultimate criterionActual CriterionUltimate criterion
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