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Psych 2083 Study Guide Final Exam1Know all of the DSMIVR psychotic disorders and be able to differentiate them on the basis on their symptoms and major featuresSchizophrenia Positive symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations and negative symptoms such as lack of speech or emotion and failure to care for oneself Present in 1 of populationSchizophreniform Disorder Features of schizophrenia for 16 months without great impairment in daily life functioningSchizoaffective Disorder Characteristic features of schizophrenia and a depressive manic or mixed episode however schizophrenia is considered primaryTwo types depressive and bipolarDelusional Disorder No psychotic symptoms except for one or more delusions that last at least one monthThere are no symptoms of schizophreniaThere is no significant interference in daily life and persons behavior is not obviously odd or bizarre Possible brief mood symptoms Brief Psychotic Disorder Several key features of schizophrenia for 1 day to 1 monthShared Psychotic Disorder A delusion that develops because of a close relationship with another person who also has a delusion 2Know the four subcategories of SchizophreniaParanoid Preoccupation with one or more delusions or frequent auditory hallucinations with relatively intact cognitive functionDisorganized Fragmented incoherent odd andor inappropriate speech behavior and emotion without catatonic stateCatatonic Abnormal motor symptoms such as immobility odd movements and excessive activityAt risk for harming themselves or others because of their bizarre movements and must be supervised Undifferentiated Symptoms that do not clearly match the other subtypesResidual At least one episode of schizophrenia has occurred but now there is an absence of prominent delusions hallucinations disorganized speech and grossly disorganized or catatonic behavior 3Know the major neurotransmitter theory of psychosis One of the most prominent theories of schizophrenia is that symptoms are caused by an excess of certain neurotransmitters in the brain especially dopamineMany people with positive symptoms of schizophrenia are successfully treated with drugs that lower dopamine levels Antipsychotic drugs may actually produce low levels of dopamine and create side effects similar to Parkinsons disease which is caused by deficient levels of dopamineExcess levels of dopamine from methamphetamine intoxication for example can lead to motor problems and psychotic symptoms Ldopa a drug that boots levels of dopamine in people with Parkinsons disease can produce psychotic symptoms if taken in excess and can aggravate symptoms of schizophrenia Dopamine receptors especially D2 receptors may be denser in the brains of some people with schizophrenia 4Know the major dimensions of psychotic disordersPsychotic Degree to which one experiences positive symptoms of delusions and hallucinations oSymptoms may be absent mild moderate or severe Disorganized Degree to which one experiences reality distortions fragmented speech odd behavior and inappropriate affect
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