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PSYC Exam 1 Study Guide (highest grade in class)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3082

PSYC3082Exam1StudyGuideChapter 1Psychological disorder psychological dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in function that isnt typical or culturally expectedPsychopathology study of psychological disordersPresenting problem why are they therePrevalence how commonIncidenceof new cases occurring during a period of timeCourseprognosis pattern of the disorder in timeEtiologycauseSupernatural tradition deviant behavior as a battle of good v evil world dominated by religion treatments included exorcism torture crude surgeriesthe moon and the starstoday usually in small religious sects and not supported as first line of treatmentBiological Traditionfirst to see abnormal behavior as a physical disease HippocratesEarly theory of chemical imbalanceDiagnosis informed treatment treating causes of disordersth19 century syphilis biological link with abnormal behavior mental illness and physical illness are connectedGrey thought physical and mental illnesses were ALWAYS connectedtreated mentally ill as though they were physically illConsequences of biological tradition mental illnessphysical illness biological treatments ECT for schizophrenia pennecillin Kraepelin first to distinguish various mental illnessePsychological tradition Rise of moral therapy humane treatment of institutionalized patientsPinel and Pussinremoved the chains of patients in French institutionsBenjamin Rushled reforms in USDorothea Dix mental hygiene movement asylum reform by making the public aware of treatments in asylumsFather of psychoanalysis Freudhysterical blindness patients were not faking their symptomstheir symptoms didnt have psychological rootsunconscious distress was convert to physical symptoms conversion disorderssubconscious conflict id ego superegoid relects biological drives sex aggression hunger Pleasure principle immediate gratification
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