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Abnormal Psychology Exam 1 Review

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PSYC 3082
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Abnormal Psychology Exam 1 ReviewUnderstand what a psychological disorder isoDefinition Psychological dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in functioning or impairment in functioning that is not a typical or culturally expected responseoImpairmentoDistressoDysfunctionoStatistical devianceoCultural inappropriatenessScience in the field of abnormal psychologyoMental health professions are producers consumers and evaluators of scientific research and science itself Psychologists Psychiatrists vs social workersoPsychologists Split into clinical and counseling psychologists receive PHD degreesorsometimes EdD doctor of education or PsyD doctor of psychology Counseling psychologists tend to study and treat adjustment and vocational issues encountered by relatively healthy individuals Clinical psychologists usually concentrate on more severe psychological disordersoPsychiatrists earn an MD degree and then specialize in psychiatry They can prescribe drugs to treat psychological disorders oSocial workers Earn a masters degree in social work as they develop expertise in collecting info about the social and family situations about an individual with a psychological disorder They also treat disorders often concentrating on family problemsPresenting problem original complaint reported by the client to the therapist The actual treated problem may be a modification derived from the presenting problemIncidence Number of the new cases of a disorder appearing during a specific period compared with prevalencePrevalence number of people displaying a disorder in the total population at any given time compare with incidenceOnset When did it start oAcute sudden onset
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