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Psych 3082Abnormal PsychologyExam 3 Study GuideChapter 9 Substance Use and AbuseKnow the definitions and be able to distinguish among the following termsSubstance use A nonmaladaptive use of alcohol or other drug Substance abuse Repeated use of substances to the point that problems recur Substance intoxication A reversible condition triggered by excessive alcohol or other drug use Substance related disorder A class of mental disorders characterized by substance intoxication abuse and dependence and withdrawal Tolerance The need to ingest greater amounts of a drug to achieve the same effect Addiction physical and psychological Substance Withdrawal Maladaptive behavioral changes when a person stops using a drugPhysical and behavioral nausea vomiting tremors fever seizures hearing voicesBinge drinking ingesting large amounts of alcohol in a short period and relates to many college students deaths and problems Black out inability to recall the past Brown out Vision distortion in which lights seem to dim and the loss of peripheral vision Relapse Reoccuring effect of something that affected you before such as alcoholism or drug abuse Depressants drugs that inhibit aspects of the central nervous systemAlcohol anesthetics for surgery antiseizure medications barbiturate drugs people use to call themselves drugs to go to sleep Withdrawal from alcohol can be severe and include delirium tremens severe confusion and autonomic overactivity such as sweating heart palpitations and trembling Stimulants activate or stimulate the central nervous system Bronchodilators methylphenidate to treat ADHD caffeine nicotine cocaine amphetamines Withdrawal includes depression anxiety fatigue paranoia and intense cravings for the drug Sedativehypnoticanxiolytics Used to alleviate anxiety and insomniaOpiates used to relieve pain or cough such as morphine or codeine Pain killers can be highly addictive and can cause dependence after only a few dosesIt is one of the fastest growing forms of substance related disorders 25 college students used oxycontin in the past year Heroin produces a rush of euphoria Heroin is extremely addictive and can result in severe withdrawal symptoms of agitation chills drowsiness cramps vomiting sweating and diarrhea9of college students have tried heroin 4 in the past year Cannabis Marijuana made from hemp plant it stimulates cannabinoid receptors throughout the brain and especially the cortex hippocampus basal ganglia and hypothalamus It creates a feeling of joy wellbeing humor and a dreamlike stateMarijuana may not be physically addictive for everyone because tolerance is not always present but heavy users may become physically and psychologically dependentMinor withdrawal symptoms include sleep problems anxiety and irritability 491 of college students have tried 333 in the past yearHallucinogens drugs that cause symptoms of psychosis such as hallucinations Peyote ecstasy LSD Tolerance to LSD develops and dissipates quickly so most people who use the drug do so sporadically Withdrawal symptoms are not usually seen though a person with a history of LSD
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