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Test 1 Study Guide

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3082

Test 1 Abnormal psychology the scientific study of troublesome feelings thoughts and behaviors associated with mental disordersThis area of science is designed to evaluate understand predict and prevent mental disordersCharacteristics of abnormality at least one must be present Violate social norms or are statistically deviantoCultures differ in how they define what is normalInterfere with functioning oMaladaptive behavior interferes with a persons life including ability to care for oneself have good relationships with others and function well at school or at work Cause great personal distressEmotions thoughts and behaviors associated with mental disorders are present to some degree in all of usLevels Normal Mild Moderate Mental Disorderless severe Mental Disordermore severe Emotional state highly anxiousCognitive state intense worryBehavior Avoidance of coworkers and friendsThe biological model focuses on genetics neurotransmitters brain changes and other physical factorsSerotonin Processing of information regulation of mood behavior and thought processesNorepinephrine regulation of arousal mood behavior and sleepDopamine Influences noveltyseeking sociability pleasure motivation coordination and motor movementGABA Regulation of mood especially anxiety arousal and behavior Acetylcholine Important in motor behavior arousal reward attention learning and memoryGlutamate Influences learning memory The psychodynamic model focuses on internal personality characteristics
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