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Exam 2 Notes (Got A+ on the test)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3082

Chapter 4 CBT and Anxiety Disorders Objectives Describe CBT broadlyDefinitions o Anxietyrelated constructs o DiagnosesTreatment Epidemiology factsstatsBioPsychoSocial Etiological FactorsCognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT Goal identifying maladaptive ways to thinking and behaving and learning new more adaptive ways of thinking and behaving o Going to learn new responsesTechniques psychoeducation thought records challenging thoughts behavioral exposures behavioral experimentsLength of tx timelimited usually 1220 sessions Therapist as collaborator present focused o Work together and collaborateo No data to support that figuring out why someone has a disorder makes it go away o Want to know symptoms you have now to help them go away dont need to know about your childhood Based on behaviorists eg Watson view that focus of psychology should be observable behaviors o Later cognitive work strongly influenced by Beck and Ellis integrated 1 BehaviorsCBT Model Cognitions EmotionsThoughtsEmotional reaction that is causing them distress and impairment really hard to change an emotion Behaviors can influence emotions and emotions can influence behaviorsWay we interpret things cognition can influence our emotions We can change our thoughts and our behaviors in order to change our emotions Judy Beck Video Both working together to come to a result She let the patient figure out her thoughts and just kind of helped guide her and taught her how to tackle her obstacles Distorted thoughts are the root of depression for a lot of people o Need to change how they think Behavioral Work ExposuresFear hierarchy o At the bottom is things that might cause some anxiety but you can do eg sitting in class o Something you cant do would be at the top of the hierarchy eg giving a presentation in classo Work in baby steps until they can finally get to that top thing and can do it 2Opportunity to perform behavioral experiments o Can test out and see if what you think is going to happen will actually happen Opportunity to ID ATso ATautomatic thoughtso Automatically think OMG I cant speak up in class Ill totally embarrass myself without actually thinking why thats such a big dealOpportunity to practice using RRs rational responsesTypes systematic desensitization in vivo in life desensitization imaginal exposure flooding 1 session for specific phobia treatment throw them in the deep endUnclear whether classical conditioning accounts for phobias or treatment tx gainsBehavior Activation activating behavior such as walking around the block to get yourself going go out and do something Cognitive Restructuring1 ID automatic thoughts ATthe emotions they cause Figure out what that thought is and look at how you interpret the situation and how that makes you feel2 Examining the thinking errors in AT 3 Disputing questions 4 Rational response Automatic ThoughtsNegative or irrational thoughts about the self the world the futureo Very quick Its not events themselves that make a person anxious but how one interprets eventso Chapter 5 vignette of 2 menmail woman Two heterosexual men live together and they always see a hot lady at the mail box when they get homeOne guy asks her out and shes like uhh nocant and walks off 3
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