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Chapter 6 Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders 1Somatoform assessments Interviews Questionnaires Personality AssessmentDissociative Disorders interviews questionnaires 2Somatization is the tendency to communicate distress through physical symptoms and to pursue medical help for these symptoms3Types of somatoform disorders aSomatization disorder many different physical symptoms before age 30 years symptoms are vague and usually the person receives treatment from different places over several years and cause impairment in daily functioning bConversion disorder Motor or sensory problems that suggest a neurological or medical disorder even though one is not presentcPain disorder specific pain symptoms that cannot be explained medicallydHypochondriasis Excessive preoccupation with the fear of having some serious diseaseeBody dysmorphic disorder Excessive preoccupation with some perceived body flawfDissociative amnesia Severe memory loss for past andor recent events gDissociative fugue Severe memory loss and sudden travel away from home or workhDissociative identity disorder Multiple personalities in a single individualiDepersonalization disorderChronic episodes of detachment from ones body and feelings of derealization 4PrevalenceSomatoformDisordersPrevalenceSomatizationdisorder4Conversiondisorder3Paindisorder6Hypochondriasis48Bodydysmorphicdisorder7
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