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Test 1 Study Guide

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PSYC 3082

1 What is a Psychological disorderoA severe expression of abnormal behavior it is a 1 psychological dysfunction within an individual is associated with 2 distress or impairment in functioning and 3 a response that is not typical or culturally exceptedoImpairment distress dysfunction statistical deviance and cultural inappropriateness all factor in as welloEx Hearing voices in our cultural would be abnormal but in a religious setting this could be normalBasically things are abnormal or astray only after you look at the context that there atypical action is taken in 2 What is psychopathologyoIt is the scientific study of Psychological DisordersPsychologistClinical and counseling psychologist receive a PhD Counseling psychologist tend to study and treat adjustment and vocational issues encountered by relatively healthy individuals and clinical psychologists usually concentrate on more severe psychological disorders The PsyDsClinical and counseling Doctors of Psychology school counselorPsychiatristEarn an MD degree Psychiatrists investigate the nature of causes of psychological disorders often from a biological point of view make diagnoses and offer treatment Many psychiatrists emphasize drugs or other biological treatments although most use psychosocial treatment as wellSocial WorkerPsychiatric social workers MSWs earn a masters degree in social work as they develop expertise in collecting information relevant to social and family situation of the individual with a psychological disorder Social workers also treat disorders often concentrating on family problems associated with themPsychiatric Nurse MNMSNs have an advanced degree such as a masters degree or even a PhD and specialize in the care and treatment of patients with psychological disorders 3 Presenting problemoOriginal complaint reported by the client to the therapists The actual treated problem may be a modification derived from the presenting problemoWhy is this person coming in4 IncidenceoNumber of cases of disorder appearing during a specific time period5 PrevalenceoNumber of people displaying a disorder in the total population at any given timeoEx How many people out of 100 have the disorder 6 EtiologyoCause or source of the disorderoThe study of origins Has to do with why the disorder begins oEx If a drug is used to treat a certain disorder and it works it could give hints about the nature of the disorder and its causes7 PrognosisoPredicted development of a disorder over timeoAnticipated course of a disorder if the disorder is going to last a long time become chronic8 Famous peopleFreud SigmundPsychoanalytic TheoryPsychoanalytic Model 1 the structure of the mind and the distinct functions of personality that sometimes clash with one another 2 the defense mechanisms with which the mind defends itself from these clashes or conflicts 3 the stages of early psychosexual development that provide grist for the mill of out internal conflictsDiscovered the unconscious mind catharsis a rapid or sudden release of emotional tension to be an important factor in psychoanalytic therapy Id the source of our strong sexual and aggressive feelings or energies the unconscious psychic entity present at birth representing basic drives Emotional irrational and illogical thinking Operates according to the pleasure principlereality principle theEgo manager of our mind operates according to thecognitive operations or thinking styles of the ego are characterized by logic and reason The psychic entity responsible for finding realistic and practical ways to satisfy Id drivesSuperego also known as the conscious represents moral principles instilled by our parents and our cultureDix DorotheathMental Hygiene Movement mid 19 century effort to improve care of the mentally disordered by informing the public of their mistreatmentPsychoanalysis based on Freuds elaborate theory of the structure of the mind and the role of the unconscious processes in determining behaviorBehaviorism explanation of human behavior including dysfunction based on principles of learning and adaptation processes and conflictGalenExtends Hippocrates workThe Humoral Theory the liquids in the body
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