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Test 3 Review Filled

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PSYC 3082

Psychology 3082 Abnormal PsychologyBryan J Gros PhDFinal Exam study guideBy all means be prepared to answer questions based on small case examplesDisorders seen first in childhoodalso known as developmental disorders they are first diagnosed in infancy childhood or adolescence oDevelopmental psychopathybehaviors that are considered normal in children but if the behaviors continue into adulthood they will be seen as abnormalAttention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderoADHD central features are inattention hyperactivity and impulsivityIt is the most frequently diagnosed disorder in children and adolescents but usually OVERdiagnosed412 go underdiagnosed SymptomsSymptoms of Inattention Cluster 1excessive daydreaming bad grades being forgetful losing things frequently frequently usesleaves reminders Symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity Cluster 2oHyperactivityexcessive fidgety reacting without thinking interrupting others excessive talking acting before thinkingoImpulsivityCriteria Must have symptoms from either cluster to be diagnosed most frequently from cluster 1use to be called ADDoADHD compulsivesymptoms are mainly from cluster 2 Symptoms must be prior to age 7 When symptoms appear in the teenage years it is NOT ADHDoWe can see some symptoms as early as age 36 from either cluster to be diagnosedFacts and statisticsoPrevalenceOccurs in 412 of children who are 6 to 12 years of ageSymptoms usually present themselves around 3 or 4 years of age23 of children with ADHD have problems as adults oBoys out number girls 4 to 1oADHD has the highest diagnosis in the United StatesBiological Contributions ADHD runs in families occurs on the deficits of chromosome 20Neurological contributions brain dysfunction and damageoLess activity in frontal cortex and basal gangliathe frontal cortex plays a part in higher executive order functioningdecision making paying attention etcoMalfunctioning in the right hemisphereoAbnormal development and functioning in the frontal lobeMaternal smoking or drinking will increase the risk of having a child with ADHDPsychosocial contributionsConstant negative feedback from teachers parents peerscan lead to trouble in schoolPeer rejection and social isolationlower self esteemTreatmentBiologicalthe goal of biological treatments is to reduce impulsivity and hyperactivity to improve attentionoStimulant medicationsif ADHD is more than mild medication is needed reduces core symptoms of ADHD in 70 of casesEx Concerta adderall metadate ritadlin Stimulants Start with a low dose want you to function on as low of a dose as possible
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