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Test One Review Abnormal Psych

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Abnormal PsychologyExam 1 ReviewBryan Gros PhD50 multiple choice questionsBring small scantron1 Psychological DisorderA psychological disorder is a psychological dysfunction associated with stress or impairment and the response that is behavioral emotional or cognitive is atypical or not culturally expected2 What does impairment have to do with psychological disorderImpairment in the ability to perform social and occupational roles is another consideration in identifying the presence of a mental disorder Delusional beliefs and disorganized speech usually lead to profound disruption of relationships with other people3 Personal Distress Personal Distress is when a person is having difficulty performing appropriate and expected roles Impairment is set in the context of a persons background4 Psychological DysfunctionPsychological Dysfunction is a breakdown in cognitive emotional or behavioral functioning breakdown in the way one thinks5 Statistical Deviance Statistical deviance is a quantity whose expected values can be used for statistical hypothesis testing6 Cultural InappropriatenessAtypical or Not Culturally Expected Response Reaction is outside cultural norms7 Science in the field of abnormal psychologyThe methods used are supported by research Use of scientific methodology is relatively new in the field Mental health professionals Producers of Research Conducting research that leads to new procedures useful in practiceConsumers of Research Enhancing the practiceEvaluators of Their Work Using Empirical Methods Determining the effectiveness of the practiceDimensions of the ScientistPractitioner ModelStudying psychological disordersFocus 1 Clinical description 2 Causation etiology 3 Treatment and outcome8 Psychologist vs psychiatrist vs social workerPsychologist Branch of treatment concerned with the psychological science applied to the assessment of mental disorders use of clinical psychotherapy 5 years of grad studyInternship Within this field there are two branches 1 PhD doctor of philosophy traditional graduate training with emphasis on research Clinical and counseling psychologists trained in the assessment diagnosis and treatment of disorders from a medical point of view 2 PsyD doctor of psychology places greater emphasis on the practical skills of assessment and does not require an independent research project Clinical and counseling Doctors of Psychology can not prescribe medicinePsychiatrist Branch of treatment concerned with the study and treatment of mental disorders can prescribe medication and psychosocial interventionCollegeInternshipMed SchoolResidency Social worker Branch concerned with helping people to achieve an effective level of psychosocial functioning psychiatric and nonpsychiatricSocial workers have a masters in social work9 Presenting problemThe persons initial complaint why they are here10 IncidenceIncidence is the rate of the disorder during a specific time period11 PrevalencePrevalence is the rate of the disorder in the population12 EtiologyEtiology is the root of the cause13 PrognosisPrognosis is the expected outcomeIt is the anticipated course and outcome of the disorder14 Names with which to be familiara Freud Freudian Theory of the Structure and Function of the MindFreud believes that abnormal behavior is caused by unconscious mental conflicts that ave roots in early childhood
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