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Psyc 3082 Test 2 Review

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1Exam2 Posttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSDThe emotional disorder that often arises after a trauma such as war assault natural disaster or death of a loved oneRequires exposure to an event resulting in extreme fear helplessness or horror510 yearsPerson continues to reexperience the event eg memories nightmares flashbacksAvoidance of cues that serve as reminders of the traumatic eventEmotional numbing and interpersonal problems are commonMarkedly interferes with ones ability to functionPTSD diagnosis cannot be made earlier than 1 month posttraumaStatisticsCombat and sexual assault are the most common traumasAbout 78 of the general population meet criteria for PTSDClassical conditioning is the main physiological condition to PTSDPosttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSDCauses and Associated Features Subtypes and Associated Features of PTSDAcute PTSD May be diagnosed 13 months post traumaChronic PTSDDiagnosed after 3 months post traumaDelayed onset PTSD Onset of symptoms 6 months or more post traumaAcute stress disorderDiagnosis of PTSD immediately posttraumaCauses of PTSDIntensity of the trauma and ones reaction to it ie true traumaUncontrollability and unpredictabilityExtent of social support or lack thereof posttraumaDirect conditioning and observational learningCan occur as young as 1years of agePosttraumatic Stress Disorder PTSDTreatmentPsychological Treatment of PTSDCognitivebehavior therapies CBT are highly effective exposure base for traumaCBT may include graduated or massed eg flooding imaginable exposure video tapes tape recorderPTSD is exposed specifically to combat the closer to one the closer to the otherPaternal Twins correlation 1114Identical Twins correlation 284 ObsessiveCompulsive Disorder OCD Anxiety disorder involving unwanted 2persistent intrusive thoughts and impulses as well as repetitive actions intended to suppress themObsessions Intrusive and nonsensical thoughts images or urges that one tries to resist or eliminateCompulsions Thoughts or actions to suppress the thoughts and provide reliefMost persons with OCD present with cleaning and washing or checking ritualsStatistics About 26 of the general population meet criteria for OCD in their lifetimeMost people with OCD are femaleOnset is typically in early adolescence or young adulthoodOCD tends to be chronic Causes of OCDParallel the other anxiety disordersEarly life experiences and learning that some thoughts are dangerousunacceptableThoughtaction fusionTendency to view the thought as similar to the actionTreatmentClomipramine and other SSRIs seem to benefit up to 60 of patientsRelapse is common with medication discontinuationPsychosurgery cingulotomy is used in extreme casesPsychological Treatment of OCDCognitivebehavioral therapy is most effective with OCDCBT involves exposure and response preventionCombining medication with CBT does not work as well as CBT aloneSummary of AnxietyRelated DisordersAnxiety Disorders Represent Some of the Most Common Forms of Psychopathology From a Normal to a Disordered Experience of Anxiety and FearRequires consideration of biological psychological experiential and social factorsFear and anxiety persist to bodily or environmental nondangerous cuesSymptoms and avoidance cause significant distress and impair functioningPsychological Treatments are Generally Superior in the LongTermMost treatments for different anxiety disorders involve similar componentsSuggests that anxietyrelated disorders share common processesSomatoform Disorders Pathological concern of individuals with the appearance or functioning of their bodies usually in the absence of any identifiable medical conditionSoma meaning BodyPreoccupation with health andor body appearance and functioningNo identifiable medical condition causing the physical complaintsTypes of DSMIV Somatoform Disorders1Hypochondriasis2Somatization disorder
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