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Study Guide Psych 3082 Abnormal Psychology Dr ScottExam 1The focus will be on basic major facts about psychological mental General guidelines disordersThis will start with knowing the definition of abnormal psychology the three ways of defining abnormal and being familiar with the three dimensions of human functioning thinking emotion behavior that are involved with every form of psychological problemsThree dimensions of human functioningemotional feelings cognitive thinking behavioral Abnormal psychologyscientific study of troublesome feelings thoughts and behaviors associated with mental disordersThis area of science is designed to evaluate understand predict and prevent mental disorders and help those who are in distressThree ways of defining abnormal 1 Deviance from the norm2Difficulties adapting to lifes demands3Experience of personal distressBe able to identify the major models presented in the book and lectures including genetic biological humanistic cognitivebehavioral aka social learning and sociocultural modelsBiological model focuses on genetics neurotransmitters brain changes and other physical factorsEmil Kraepelinnoticed syndromes in peopleoversleeping sadness and weight lossIdentified dementia praecox and manic depression psychosisPsychodynamic model focuses on internal personality disordersFreudian theory assumes mental states emotions and behaviors arise from motives and conflicts within a personintrapsychicpsych dynamics that occur within a persons mindego unconscious Freudian slipunconscious motivationhidden realms of emotions thought and behavior may also affect motives that drive us to act in certain waysdefense mechanisms to cope with anxiety or stresspsychic determinismeverything we do has meaning and purpose and is goal orientedstructure of mindid ego and superegoidpersonality present at birth seek immediate gratification pleasure principleprimary process way of thinkingegoorganized rational system that uses higher order thinking processes to obtain gratification reality principle secondary processsuperegoones sense of right and wrongPsychodynamic theorists believe symptons of mental disorder are caused by unresolved conflictshumanistic model focuses on personal growth choice and responsibilitypeople are naturally good and strive for personal growth and fulfillmentphenomenological approachan assumption that ones behavior is determined by perceptions of herself and othersMaslows hiearchy of needsphysiological physical survival needs safetysecurity social belonging ego esteem self actualization
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