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PSYC 3082 Exam 1 (got 93% on the test)

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PSYC 3082
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PSYC 3082EXAM 1Chapter 1pg 125I Understanding Psychopathology Psychological Disorder psychological dysfunction associated with distress or impairment in functioning that is not a typical or culturally expected responsePhobia psychological disorder characterized by marked and persistent fear or an object or situation A What is a Psychological DisorderAbnormal Behavior actions that is unexpected and often evaluated negatively because they differ from typical or usual behavior 3 ComponentsDistress or impairmentNot culturally expectedDysfunction 1 Psychological DysfunctionPsychological dysfunction refers to breakdown in cognitive emotional or behavioral functioning Determining difference between normal and abnormal is difficult 2 Personal DistressImpairment useful concept but not entirely satisfactory 3 Atypical or Not Culturally Expected Insufficient to determine abnormality itself Abnormal means deviation from average the greater the deviation the more abnormalEx selfmutilation cutting burning etc 4 An Accepted DefinitionMost widely accepted definition describes behavioral psychological or biological dysfunctions that are unexpectedin their cultural context and associated with present distress and impairment in functioning or increased risk of suffering death pain or impairment We can never fully define disease or disorder Best way to get close to disease or disorder is to match a typical profile prototype B The Science of Psychopathology Psychopathologythe scientific study of psychological disordersWithin its field areClinical and counseling psychologists Doctoral degree PhD PsyD EdDPsychiatrists MDPsychiatric social workers Masters Psychiatric nursesMarriage and family therapists Masters Mental Health counselors SG Difference between psychiatrists and clinical psychologists 1 Scientists PractitionerScientist Practitioners function in three ways a Keep up with latest developments in their field and use most current diagnostic and treatment procedures b Evaluate their own assessments or treatment procedures to see whether they work accountable to patients government agencies and insurance companies c Conduct research that produces new info about disorders and treatment research attempts to describe psychological disorders determine causes and treat them 2 Clinical Description Presenting problemwhy are they there original complaint reported by the client to the therapist the actual treated problem may be a modification derived from the presenting problemClinical descriptiondetails of combination of behaviors thoughts and feelings of an individual that make up a particular disorder Clinical refers both to types of disorders you would find in clinic or hospital and to activities associated with assessment and treatment Prevalence how common number of people displaying a disorder in the total population at any given time Incidence number of new cases of a disorder appearing during a specific period Sex Ratio percentage of males and females that have the disorder Course pattern of development and change of a disorder over time Chronic long time Episodic individual is likely to recover within a few months only to suffer a recurrence of the disorder at a later time 1PSYC 3082EXAM 1Time Limited will improve without treatment in a short period of time Acute Onset begin suddenly Insidious Onsetdevelop gradually over a period of time Prognosis predicted development of a disorder over time age is part of description A disorder occurring during childhood may present differently from same disorder in adulthood 3 Causation Treatment and Etiology Outcomes Etiology cause or source of a disorder Exorcism religious ritual that attributes disordered behavior to possessions by demons and seeks to treat the individual by driving demons from body C Historical Conceptions of Abnormal Behavior Major psychological disorders have existed I all cultures across all time periods causes and treatment vary among culturesThree major models1 Supernatural2 Biological3 Psychological II Supernatural TraditionDeviant behavior as battle of good vs evilReflects the importance of culture in understanding abnormal behavior Caused by demonic possession witchcraft sorceryTreatment includes exorcism torture beatings and crude surgeries A Demons and Witches B Stress and Melancholy C Treatments for Possession D Mass Hysteria E Modern Mass Hysteria F Moon and the Stars Behavior influenced by moon and stars lunacyEvident today in astrology G Comments Today usually in small religious sects and primitive culturesGenerally not supported by research and not first line of treatmentRoman Catholic Church requires all healthcare resources be exhausted before spiritual solutions ex exorcism considered III Biological Tradition A Hippocrates and Galen Hippocrates 4660377 ADAbnormal behavior as a physical diseaseMay be caused by brain pathology head trauma influenced by heredity Importance of psychological and interpersonal contributions Four Humors1 Sanguine 2 Melancholic 3 Phlegmatic 4 Choleric Early theory of chemical imbalance Diagnosis informed treatment Hysteria wandering uterus looking for a baby used different techniques to move uterus back to position such as marriage thB The 19 Century General paresis syphilis and the biological link with abnormal behavior Why is it important to history of psychopathology Several unusual psychological and behavioral symptoms ex delusions of grandeur persecutionPasteur discovered the cause bacterial microorganism Led to penicillin as successful treatment Bolstermental illness is physical illness 1 John P GreyJohn P Grey and the reformers Championed biological traditions in the USBelieved that the causes of mental illness were always physicalMentally ill patients should be treated as physically ill C Development of Biological Treatments D Consequences of Biological Tradition Mental illnessPhysical illness2
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