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Detailed Test2 Outline (got 94% in the course)

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PSYC 3083
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Test 2 PSYC3083KunenFall 2012K Landry1There are four questions about Sophie videosif you were there for the videos it should be easy2Psychoanalytic principlesknow the defense mechanisms and what roles they play the psychosexual stages and characteristics of each concepts such as resistance interpretations Oedipal complex working through compromise formation transferencecountertransference conscious unconscious drives repression denial etc11 questions38 questions about the Ms Kthe clinical case I presentedThese questions are straightforward4Rogers and person centered therapyKnow basic idea behind this theoryabout what motivates people to grow and concepts such as empathy what is psychopathology in this model genuineness unconditional positive regard how a person centered therapist works Maslows view of selfactualized persons8 questions5 Know the distinguishing ideas for Satir Bowen Minuchin and WhitakerWhat techniques if any are associated with each theorist Know key ideas such as enmeshment boundaries differentiation family projection process emotional cutoff triangles communication patterns etc11 questions6 8 questions on gender issues know about trauma PTSD addiction special gender issues in treatment therapygroup therapy principles recommended for women with trauma histories major political milestones in the feminist movement principles of feminist therapy8 questionsFreudian TheoryPsychodynamicFreudian TheoryoMind Construction Conscious Preconscious Unconscious Preconscious is between knowing and not knowingoPersonality Construction Id Ego SuperegoId are basic life instincts see pain and seek pleasure As a teenager Genital you have to learn to separate love sex emotions Ego should always be in charge with the help of the superegoHarsh superego often feeling of guiltpunishing themselves sabotageLuborskyYou cant change basic drives but you can consciously regulate them to avoid conflictMost theorists disagree that childhood experiences reflect adult personality Kunen believes childhood experiences are critical when they involve love nurture and bondingoFixatedStuck at a developmental stage that has been unsatisfied Leaves imprint of the stage on the personalityTest 2 PSYC3083KunenFall 2012K LandryOral Fixationget satisfaction from mouth biting fingernails smoking eating etcAnal Fixationchildren improperly pottytrained become fixated on expulsion extremely neat messy or cleanoUnacceptable drives in early childhood are repressed if not it creates anxietyRepressed desires may continue to influence behavior and during stress may break through defenses and express inappropriatelyParapraxisms reflect this breakthroughoFreud believed humans contain too much energy aggression and anger in which they need to get rid of becoming a police officer kick boxing etcCatharsis crying getting rid of emotionFreud then let go of this theory because expressing emotion without understanding it did not facilitate changePsychoanalysis oFocuses on conflicts drives anxiety defenses etcDefenses protect against anxiety caused by conflict of drives and superegoOrigin of neurosesdrives sexual and aggression that create conflictsoFree Associationsay whatever comes to mind listen for conflicts defenses transferences and recurring themesThe material in free associations does not appear by chance psychic determinismoResistanceChange in emotion material mood are red flags of conflictClaim to not have anything to say forget to pay etcKunens patient woman recommended to him by a friend working on personality She blamed her husband for everything Kunen pointed out how she was passiveaggressive with her children If her children sided with her husband she would purposely be late to pick them up from school Patient was pissed off She tried the same thing in a therapy session when she forgot her wallet Very defensive when he confronts her Calls for another session and says she locked herself out of her housecar keys are in the house got keys and showed up to session but did not pay again
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