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Sophie In Treatment (scored 92%)

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 3083

In TreatmentSophie family issuesgymnastWeek 1 Wednesday 4 PMPeople said she rode bike right into the streetJust their for his professional opinionPeople think that she is trying to commit suicideSocial worker is annoying so she refuses to talk to herIs it curious that she has a friend that drives a motorcycle even though she is 16Wanted to kill old woman who was yelling that she was trying to kill herselfDidnt want to speak out with the SW because she acted like she knew herHappened on a gas station near Madisondoesnt remember anythingOlympic hopefulLife in general apart from gymnasticsgreat but no energyNeeds opinion doesnt want to talk about herselfHe is very interested in everything she has to say she is upset because she thinks he has already made judgments and knows everythingFeels sorry for the books on top of the shelfSaid if she died it would solve a lot of problems but doesnt mean anything by itSW asked her if she thinks about death a lot because she was trying to prove that the accident was her faulteveryone thinks about deathBut were there specific thoughts on deathWhy did she get so angry when she thought that he had talked to her motherSophie thinks that her mother believes what is written in the reportsuicidal tendenciesUnder pressure for years and her mother is not supportive and doesnt understandWants him to tell her she isnt crazy and is perfectly normalafraid she will fail this testWants to make sure he will be availableso she asks him to turn on his cell phoneWho does Sophie call when she needs to talk to someone 411Father is the only one besides Sy that believes herloves herSy is her coach who drew a naked mermaid on her casts she babysat for him before joining his gymHW is for both of them to write their personal opinion of what the report saysMarch 14 2011 Week 2Sophie comes into his office soaking wet after butt dialing him during an argument with a boy who was telling her not to walk that far in the rain and not to go or leaveShe cannot dress herself and asks him to help her put on his daughters dry clothesHis wife helps Sophie change very kind and caringtells story about her breaking her armSays she is cool and awesomeSays he could learn a lot from his wife about how to talk to peopleWants his wife to come to the gymnasium to tell people the truthUpset because he didnt complete the evaluation yet but neither did shefather is too busy with his job as a photographerFather said it is totally unprofessional for her to write her own evaluation and thinks therapist is a quack
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