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Psychology 3083Chapter 5 Research in PsychotherapyAbbreviationsPxsproblems Psychotherapyhas been a formal practice for a little over 100 years for nearly 50 of those was not empirically studiedst 1 studies conducted by Carl Rogers Rogers began by recordingstudying therapy sessionspsychotherapy research remains controversialargument over how research needs to be conductedthenused to guide practicesome say therapy not suited to systematic research is very difficult to doHOWEVERera of accountability service providers asked 2 show evidence justifyingwhat they do those who pay the bill health care agencies government agencies demand accountability Why Study Psychoth Empirically many practitioners say therapy is 2 hard 2 study say are plenty of case historiestestimonials that demonstrate effectiveness ofpsychotherapyare testimonials of therapistsclients who say theyve observed that a given form ofpsychotherapy works HOWEVER case historytestimonials r unreliablecant serve as basis for systematic conclusions Can testimonials alone be trustedWhy are these not reliable 1 reasonpeople tend 2 see what they expect 2 seeEXTherapist PerspectivePsychoanalysts encourage clients 2 talk about early childhood when change occurs attribute change 2 reviewingearly childhoodCognitive therapists have clients talk about dysfunctional cognitionsthen attribute change 2 that Client Perspective Change experiencesif client gains insight they feeltransformedchanged are powerfulemotional experiencesas reference think ofreligious conversion experiences powerful experiencespeople report feeling changedhealed of problemstext says power of suggestionplaypeoplereport changebeing healed BUT problems often remainex of schizophrenic prayed over stop taking meds etcsame thing could happen wtherapyInsightsexplanations N2 problems helpespeciallyif they make cts experience seem sensibleeven if not trueaccurate as long as gives person hopeEX 2
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