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HISTORYthRoots of modern clinical psychology in the reform movements of the 19 century which ultimately resulted in improved care for the medically illPhillipe PineloFrench physicianmajor reformeroShocked by brutality of mental asylums he managed to get himself appointed head of the Bicetre and Salpetriereused kindness and humanity to treat patientsoHis work was the milestone in the development of psychiatry the mental health approach and of clinical psychWilliam TukeoenglishmanoDevoted to establishment of what may be called a modern hospital for the humane treatment of the sick and troubledEli ToddoMericanoDeveloped retreat for mentally ill emphasized role of civilized care respect and moralityoThrough his efforts became less fashionable to regard mental patients as incurableDorothea DixoMericanoCampaigned for better facilities for mentally illA feeling people can predict understand and perhaps even control the human condition began to replace older wisdom1892 founding of the American Psychological Association APA with Hall as its first presidentLightner Whitmer est first psychological clinic at Univ of Penn In 1896oDevoted to the treatment of children who were experiencing learning problems or who were disruptive in the classroomoHe named the field clinical psychology Differences in Psychological AreasClinical Psychology oFocuses on the intellectual emotional biological psychological social and behavioral aspects of human functioning across the life span in varying cultures and at all socioeconomic levels oThe field of Clinical Psychology integrates science theory and practice to understand predict and alleviate maladjustment disability and discomfort as well as to promote human adaptation adjustment and personal developmentoInvolves research training and services relevant to the application of principles methods and procedures for understanding predicting and alleviating intellectual emotional biological psychological social and behavioral maladjustment disability and discomfort applied to a wide range of client populationsoClinical psychologists are distinguished by their expertise in the areas of personality and psychopathology and their integration of science theory and practiceoAssessment whether through observation testing or interviewing is a way of gathering info so that an impt question can be answered or so that a problem can be solved has long been a critical part of the clinical psychologists roleCounseling Psychologyofacilitates personal and interpersonal functioning across the life span with a focus on emotional social vocational educational healthrelated developmental and organizational concernsoThrough theory and research and with a sensitivity to multicultural issues counselingaims to alleviate distress and maladjustment and increase ability to functiono is unique in its attention both to normal and abnormal developmentoTraditionally work with moderately maladjusted or normal individualsoPrinciple method of assessment is usually the interview but also do testingoHistoricallygreat deal of educational and occupational counseling traditionally educational settingsoIn general see themselves in the following activities
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