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92313PoliticsProfessional Issues3DID Dissociate Identity Disorder patient works as a nurse and sometimes dissociates during work and becomes a child with no medical knowledge What should therapist doThe patient ended up getting a job as a nurse and was dissociating to work with the children and was going back to a 7year old that way she could relate to the children At work she was praised for being good at her job Many people gave their shifts to her and she ended up working a lot extra She told Kunen about this and in the end he told her that she needs to take less hours that way she is not stressed and can help the children as her nurse self and not the child self 4A therapist is working with an HIV positive patient who continues to have unprotected sex and the therapist knows the identity of the current sex partner Report to partner No Because if he loves her he is not intentionally hurting her BUT if the patient with HIV tells their therapist that they are going out to give others HIV then his INTENT is to harm5A female patient says that she would like to have lunch with the therapist just as a friend nothing elseNOT ok What will this mean to the woman She was having issues with men and creating this fake world with high expectations She wanted attention and Kunen gave this to her because he is her therapist NOT her boyfriend You should never create a relationship outside of the means of being there for your patient as the therapist6A patient gives the therapist a moderately expensive Christmas gift 100 to thank him for all the progress they have accomplished together Any problem with this You cannot accept this What if you go to court and are asked if you received a gift from your patient Always think that you may have to at some point go to court for whatever reasons Say that this is a nice gesture but you cannot accept it You appreciate it but not oknosocomial sickness received from being in a hospitaliatrogenic treatment itself causes harm or damage but hopefully the benefit outweighs the risk even therapy can be iatrogenic because it can stir up problems and issues and be harmful but can get betterstate dependent learning knowledge associated to a certain state or ageunable to recall itIe DID patient that was the nurse when she dissociated to a 7year old she no longer had the knowledge she had as her normal self as the nurse Also once she dissociated to her 7 year old self when he was doing hypnosis and was not brought back to her normal self properly when she left she hit a tree because she could not remember how to drive her stick shift
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