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Test 1 Class 3 (98% on the test)

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PSYC 3083

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Class 3916Defense MechanismThey are unconscious all of the timeHelp us to fight anxietyCan become maladaptiveActing out emotional state to BxProjection believing someone is jealous but really you are therefore you are projecting what you feel onto someone elsePassive aggression saying something is ok when it is not and you are actually upset and being manipulativeDisplacement put anger out on someone that did not cause the angerDissociation detachment from your own feelingsSplitting putting the world into good or bad usually a border line personality disorderOn slide 23When is a patient ready for therapytherapy is not successful if the patient is forcedTherapy Readiness1Precontemplative person does not think that they have a problem not considering to change2Contemplation person recognizes their problem not ready to change3Preparation Getting ready to do something4Action Do something to change5Maintenance Avoiding relapseasking a smoking patient Do you ever think about quitting They need to realize that they have an issueManaged Care
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