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Test 2 Notes Class 1 And 2 (Got A+ on the test)

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PSYC 3083
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Test 2 Notes93013slide 123Testing OriginsMajor contribution to child psyc was development of assessment instructionsBinet and IQ test developed in 1904BinetSimon test translated into the now called StanfordBinet IQ test by Lewis Terman in 1916Projective testing tries to get at unconscious thoughts it is rare that someone does the assessment and the treatment therapyAn assessment may be done at any stage of therapy because maybe when you first started therapy the person seems fine but later down the road they begin to show signs of different issues or actually develop issuesDifferent Projective TestsRorschach 10 inkblotsdescribe the inkblot and what it might be Good for picking up severe pathology like schizo or delusionsTAT Thematic Apperception Test31 cards and patient picks 10 and has to make a story with a beginning middle and end It is interpreted by what the patient is thinking and feeling and can be a very revealing test It shows depressionDrawing Draw a person house etcBy analyzing the method in which the patient drew the object desired then you can figure out unconscious issues Good with childrenExp if you ask a patient to draw a house and there are little or no windows the patient could be trying to hide something or ask to draw a tree and it has no roots then the patient may feel disconnected to the worldAssessmentMMPI IIit is the most widely used personality test in the world and second only to WAISIII in frequency of use MMPI has several validity scales including a L scale fake good F scale fake bad K scale defensiveinconsistency scale It is unbeatable meaning you cannot just put whatever down on the test because it will show an inconsistency through your answers and show that the patient was faking some responses by asking the same question in many different forms10 clinical scales and numerous content area scalesClinical Scales1 HS Hypochondriasis physical complaints2 DDepression sad hopelessness3 HyHysteria repression and denial as defensesemotionally overreactive4 Pd Psychopathic Deviate family conflict antisocial impulsive authority problems5 MfMasculinityFemininity traditional vs nontraditional interests6 Pa Paranoia suspicious hostile aloof7 Pt Psychasthenia OCD phobic anxious8 ScSchizophrenia unconventional unusual thoughts9 Ma Hypomania impulsive energetic impulsive racing thoughts10 Si Introversion nonsocialMMPIII Content ScalesEsEgo Strength Scale OHOver Controlled Hostility Scale MACR MacAndrews Alcoholism ScaleDoDominance Scale APSAddictions Potential ScaleEsEgo Strength Scale OHOver Controlled Hostility Scale MACR MacAndrews Alcoholism ScaleDoDominance Scale
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