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Exam 2 Study Guide (aced the test and got 96%)

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PSYC 3083
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PSYC3083EXAM204152013DSM APAs Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental DisordersEgo syntonic youre okay with it and it doesnt interfere with your life being gay and being okay with itEgo dystonic recognize it as interfering with your life and hate it deny being gay and try to hidestop itFirst edition of DSM was published in 1952 had 106 different disordersDSM II published in 1968 with 140 disordersBoth editions strongly influenced by psychodynamic approachEarly editions of DSM were rooted between 2 poles of mental disorderPsychosis severe mental disorder characterized by a disconnection from reality typically involves hallucinations delusions illogical thinkingNeurosis milder mental disorder characterized by distortions of reality involve anxiety and depressionDSM IV most recent versionpublished in 2000DSM V coming out in 2013DSM AxesAxis I major mental disorders such as depression OCD schizophrenia anxiety developmental disorders autism and learning disabilitiesAXIS I DOES NOT INCLUDE MENTAL RETARDATIONAxis II personality disorders and mental retardation borderline personality narcissistic bipolarAxis III Nonpsychiatric medical conditions aids HIV gout diabetesAxis IV stress and social functioning state major stressers in peoples lives and rate themmarital unemployment lack of transportation etcAxis 5 Global Assessment of Functioning GAFScale of 110061100 generally doing well includes the more neurotic disorders5060 moderate social educational work family problems4049 serious impairment40 very serious inability to function or care for oneself psychotic Mental retardationLow 30s hospitalizationFREAUDS PSYCHOSEXUAL STAGESORALBirth18 months or 2 years oldSurvival depends on mouth breast feedingMouth is associated with pleasureUnsuccessful oral feeding mom doesnt feed child on time too much or too little results in fixation biting nails overeating smoking etc Excessively dependent as they grow upANALAround 23 years of ageBump up to social rules cant just poo wherever you wantPleasure comes from holding in and letting goMust learn to control dont want parents telling them when they can go to the bathroomparents who punish them too harshly can cause fixationCauses anal fixation be excessively neat clean or consistently messy PHALLICAround 45 years of age
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