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Test 4 4008

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PSYC 4008

Test 4 4008Ch 6 Starts to study American psychologyFaculty PsychologistsFaculty of memory is particularly strong in human beings Sounded like naming stuff American Psyc needed people like William james to change it to more scientificWilliam JamesoMost famous early American psychologistoWe still have his psycoBackgroundHis grandfather was multimillionaire ndSo father was a millionaire and added to his own wealthfather 2 richest man in America at the time of his birth5 kids Henry and William JamesoHenry was a short story writer in gothic style oThey were very closeoWilliams father was very eccentric Had points of view that were weird Lots of money o William Suicidal emotional disturbanceoHenry felt the same But said that his children should be well educated and cosmopolitan Got them the best schools tutors moved the family to Europe put the kids in school and would worry they were becomingtoo French german etc oHenry Sr wanted his children to be proud to be AmericansoHenryWilliam thought he was European british accent Gave up American citizenship lived in LondonHenry became someone William didnt want to beWill wanted to be AmericanWilliamNot trying to fit psychology into European modelCharacterized by practicalityoWanted to know things about human nature that would be useful helpful and contructiveoWanted psyc to be more then aloof intellectual thought or lab based Wanted it to explain what we were likeoType of psyc that was very broad reaching He looked for any concept he thought would help in understanding us It had to satify the criteria that it helped us know what we were likeoAlways asksSo whatoWilliam James was equally famous as psychologist and Americans leading philosopherLast part of his life moved exclusively into philosophyKnown for developing a type of philosophy called PragmatismPhilos that has a criterion of value How can you use this ideaHow valuable something is is how USEFUL it isAn idea doesnt work because its true Its true because it worksoWhen he was young he thought about being a painteroWhen he was 19 he was living in the US across from Harvard and he attended itoStudied philosophy and poetry Godfather Ralph Waldo EmmersonEnded up studying medicineLouis AgassizAnthrolplogist at HarvardImmenent biologistDifferent then the norm in that he was one of the few who was openly hostile to the idea of evolutionary theory Tried everything he knew to rebuke this theoryoDid expedition to the amazon to collect biological stuff to show there is evidence for uniform creationoWilliam James went tooFound that he hated biology and collecting samples Hated heat Came back in just a few months It was something that was valuable to him because it showed he didnt want to be a biologistTried to be chemist Hated it too Didnt like being in the lab Too tediousHalfway through Harvard started having nervous attacks Told his dad he was thinking about Suicide Dad told him to come to Europe to chill Stayed for 2 years Became acquainted with Physiology that lead to psyc Attended Helmholtz lectures Heard of Wundt That type of science appealed to himWent back to Harvard finished medical degree8 years Never practicedBecame instructor in Physiology then Anatomy then moved into course work in new Psyiology interfaced with Psyc Physiological Psychology Founded a laboratoryFounder of one of the first labs in the world Became very well equipped an productive but HE WASNT DOING RESEARCHFunded it himselfYear after labe was started as joined by
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