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PSYC 4008 Test 1 Notes

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4008

Introduction 824What will be on each of the 3 exams1Historical figurespeople names2Technical terms theoretical concepts3Important representative publications of movementspeople We will never be asked specific dates of life and death but need to know eras of time and people in those erasWill follow closely with the text bookcommon material in both sources but will ask us questions unique to each as well895 UP is an A Chapter 1826Book gives names of famous historical writers of historyhave been very influential Have also done theoretical work on how you go about writing any history oRobert WatsonThe Great PsychologistPresented historical approach that involved 1 prescriptive termsterms that describe methods that people employ or describe characteristics of their point of view2 emphasized looking at historical figures to trace historycalled the great person approachThese help to point out trends HistoriographyWriting history of any kindoHistories are selectiveyou must pick and choose what will be included oHistorians want to avoid biasPresentism vs historicism Presentismlooks at past events from todays perspective Can be valuable but is judgmentalHistoricismtries to evaluate things from a historical contextInternal vs external approach to recording historyInternalstick to single subject More thorough but hard to define boundaries of a discipline and change that occurs win discipline is driven by external events time environment etcExternalchange in a discipline is something that is predictable based on external events Good approach but its easy to become fatalistic Personalistic vs NaturalisticPersonalisticpoint of view that says we had Freudian theory because of Freud If a certain individual were not born we wouldnt have the theory they created Innovative individuals cause changeNaturalisticcertain notions always existed emphasizes context The same concepts would arise someone else would have produced the same theory eventuallyoZeitgeist The spirit of time the age in which people live can have a stmajor effect on how influential it is There are intellectual eras ex 21 century is influenced by world view primarily on scienceoOrtgeistspirit of locationthere is an intellectual point of view of geographical areasspecific institutions ex Southern US has certain viewpoints different from the Northeast coastSome TerminologyFrom Watsons prescriptive theory Terms that can be applied to individuals movements methods etcoDeterminismIndeterminismrelated to free will Determinism everything has a cause nothing is random VERY Freud Skinner free will really doesnt existIndeterminismrejects notion that everything psychological is determined by something Humans have freedom of choice oEmpiricismRationalismdeal with acquisition of knowledgeepistemologystudy of how we come to knowEmpiricismarriving at truth based upon experience We are trained to believe in order for it to be true I need to seeexperience itprovide evidence Rationalismcoming to a truth independent of experience based on reasoning Human experience is severely limited Just because you see it doesnt make it sogive it some thought oInductivismDeductivismInductiveinvolve acquiring data draw conclusions based on data Induct a smaller thing into a larger thingDeductivebeginning with larger thing If larger thing is true you come to a smaller example by reason If this is true that must be true Syllogismbegin with big truth deduce an intermediate from the intermediate deduce an individual instance oMechanismVitalismcausal agents at work in human beingsMechanismpsychological things are ultimately based on physical substrate
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