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Psychology 4008 - Whole Semester

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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4008

Psychology 4008 12111 1231 PM Applying to Graduate School StrategiesTalk to another professorother grad studentsThe typical time to apply is the end of the fall semesterDeadline to apply is usually DecemberJanuaryAll professional schools ask for the same basic things Application Packet o TranscriptGPA 2 importanceHas your GPA trended upward or downwardWhat kind of courses have you takenLast 60 hoursUpper division o Letters of Recommendation 3 importanceUsually threeYou select who writes these lettersSay something along the lines that a student did quite well in the class and this is a rigorous class so if the student succeeded in this class then the student will succeed in grad schoolBest when they come from people who know you wellTry to get known nowget involved in professors research Also you can go to office hoursPsi Chithe undergraduate group that is kind of restrictiveHawkins recommends every undergrad join Psi Chi4 letters are not uncommon5 is rare but happensHave one letter written by a person that is not in academicsNot a family memberfriend but an employer or someone you have done volunteer work with etc o Resume 2 importanceEverything that makes you look goodRarely blocks your admittance but it can definitely helpBrag about yourselfDeans listHonorsAwardsTOPSIndependent researchSkillsPresentationPublicationOther psychology experienceThe PhoneHospital orderlyOther signs of dedication and commitment o Standardized Test Score 1 importanceSTUDYThis is the most important test you will takeOur ApplicantsSelecting Programs o APAorg o Graduate Study in Psychologythe best source of information related to graduate programs in psychology and provides information related to approximately 600 graduate programs in psychology in the US and CanadaContactsInterview o Dont be weirdAssistantships o Allows you to live frugally o I will not have any other employment other than this assistantship and the rest of my time will be dedicated to my academic work o Assistantships are used like salaries are in sportsthe better you are the better the assistantship offeredPsychology 4008 12111 1231 PM HistoriographyThe study of theoretical notions in writing historiesFor all histories not just psychologyOne of the problems with history is that you cant write it all down o Histories are selectiveHistorians recognize that histories are selective and try hard to pick in such a way that it doesnt introduce themselves into the document that they dont present a bias and that they sample material that truly does represent the reality of this historical trend as well as they can o Historians want to avoid biasPresentism vs HistoricismPresentismthe tendency to evaluate past events from present standards and present conditionsIt usually results in some sort of appraisal about accuracyIt can deepen our understanding of past events but it has the potential problem of being judgmentalWe realize that people at one time believed the earth was flatPeople before that believed that believed the world was round But if you talk about a historical time when people thought the earth was flat its hard to not present it as can you imagine someone would think the earth is flatHistoricisma tendency to express how conceptions and developments happened given the circumstanceIt tends to be less smug and less judgmentalOur modern trendOur book tends to be towards the historicism end of the spectrumInternal vs External historyInternalyou try to restrict yourself to as narrowly defined focus as possibleIf you are
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