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PSYC 4008 Test 3 Notes

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PSYC 4008
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PSYC 4008 Test 3Gustav Fechner Came up with psyc that allowed us to get into the lab developed movement called psychophysics mind is something we can indirectly measure by systematically changing stimuli thus changing the minds response book has concepts about how to manipulate stimuli and present them to subject12 types of mental changes1Absolute threshold minimum amount of response you can detect marks a boundary for sensory system2Differential threshold minimum amount of difference we can detect in a stimulus how much it has to change so we can know its different23 techniques for changing stimuli1Method of limits take a stimuli that is quiet enough that people cant hear it and keep increasing it until you reach the point where they can be aware of the stimuli when you are systematically changing stimulus at high intensity but can still hear it at lower intensities stimulus persistence so he averaged the lowest intensity it out2Constant stimulus do not present stimulus sequentially but do so thrandomly 50 percentile3Method of adjustment Method of average error subject manipulates the stimulus if you test the person more than once you find that on each trial the value to which the subject adjusts differs so you have to average this out too3Edwin Boring said that Fechners book marks the beginning of experimental psyc Elements of Psychophysics 1860Started a new field in psyc experimental aesthetics what makes things appealing attempted to quantify aesthetics can we systematically vary things to make them more appealing universal aesthetic appealExperiment made people vote which painting was more attractive but this didnt work so he later looked at geometric shapes he made people evaluate rectangles and wanted to find if there was a preferred rectangular ratio ratio of 062 3 units by 5 units Golden Section already known in architectureWilhem WundtPsychologists usually say he started experimental psyc ministers son lived a life of abuse and oppression emotionally deprivedWent into medicine in order to support his mother after his fathers death he liked research published a paper with Robert Bunsen corresponded with the leading physiologist of this day Muller and also worked with du BoisReymond for some time he was in charge of Helmholtzs lab so he moved from being a physiologist to becoming a psychologist evidence he changed his job to work in the philosophy department where psyc was taught Principles of Physiological Psyc wrote this book to establish a new scienceOpened a lab in YEAR first American to work with WundtGS Hall established psyc lab in John Hopkins another American that worked with WundtJames Cattell
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