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Louisiana State University
PSYC 4030

Study Guide Exam 2Thinking and Decision Making Problem Solving Lecture What are the components of the I DEAL problem solving framework IIdenLfy the problem DDefine and represent the problemEExplore possible strategies AAct on the strategies LLook back and evaluate resultsHow does the two trains problem highlight the importance of problem representation What are set effects and how was this demonstrated in Luchins 1942 water jug problem 1Problem solvers biased by their experience to prefer familiar strategies 2Problem solvers are ignoring easier ways to solve problems in favor of more familiar ones 3Effect can be reduced with a warningDont be blind What is functional fixedness RepresenLng objects in terms of their typical use and not seeing novel usesWhat are the components of the Synectics method R Mathews of group problem solving Learn to be a ResourceReaching a Decision Structure the ProcessCognition MemorvThinking What are the 3 systems that make up L TM according to TulvingEpisodic specific events and experiencesSemantic generic knowledge of world facts Procedural how to perform an acon What is the difference between availability and accessibility Available Information in memoryAccessible Can access information at particular point in meDistinguish between the major types of memory tests on the basis of the cues that are provided to participants What are the characteristics of STMlWorking memory What components make up Baddeleys model
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