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Exam 1 Study GuideMonday September 30 2013158 PM Study Guide Exam 1Thinking and Decision Making Fall 2013 Dr Martin Achieving Goals Lecture 94What are the major components of selfregulation with respect to learning and achievementStandards monitoring selfregulatory strength motivation What are common reasons people fail to achieve their goalsWhat is affective forecastingAffective forecastingthe prediction of ones affect in the future People are poor judges of their future emotional states What is mental simulation and how is it useful What is an implementation intention and why is it helpfulMental simulationour minds ability to imagine taking a specific action and simulating the probable result before acting oAnticipating the results improves our ability to solve new problems Implementation intentiona selfregulatory strategy in the form of an ifthen plan that can lead to better goal attainment oA plan in which you link a situation cue with a response that will bring you closer to fulfilling your goal How do you make something a habit Why is constancy and moderation so important to achievementWhat is contingency managementWhy is feedback so importantContingency managementsystematic use of reinforcement is a type of treatment Why shouldnt you wait to feel motivated before you start working on a goalHow can you change a situation to increase the likelihood of achieving your goalWhat are the potential side effects of having clear goalsWhat is the prescription for these side effectsDistinguish between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset Can you change a persons mindset and if so howIn a fixed mindset people believe their basic qualities are simply fixed traits They believe that talent alone creates success In a growth mindset people believe that their most basic qualities can be developed through dedication and hard work What might be the longterm consequences of adopting each mindsetFixed mindsetsacrifice important learning opportunities when they contain a risk of revealing ignorance or making errorsLearning Principles Lecture also see PRINCIPLES OF LEARNING LECTUREAdditional Material posted on Moodle Why is the metaphor of the empty vessel not an appropriate description of learningIn every situation we bring our preexisting knowledge to bear on what we are thinking That knowledge can differ from one person to the next The metaphor depicts people as being passive recipients of knowledgeDefine encoding retrieval and elaborationDistinguish between working memory and longterm memoryEncodingInformation can be passed down from working memory to long term memory Information is taken and put into a format for storage RetrievalInformation can be brought from longterm memory into working memoryElaborationConnect new information you are trying to learn to old information from the longterm memory What are the characteristics of working memory eg its duration capacityWorking memory is limited You can only hold so much information in working memory at a time but there are ways around this limitationWorking memory is a system that allows information to be stored briefly and manipulated
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