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Study Guide Exam 1Thinking and Decision Making Fall 2013 Dr Martin Achieving Goals LectureWhat are the major components of selfregulation with respect to learning and achievementWisely set goalsMonitor progress accuratelyAvoid obstaclesproblem solveManage timeLearn from experienceapply to futureWhat are common reasons people fail to achieve their goalsPoor time managementplanningNot measuring progress accuratelyProblems w goal definitionWhat is affective forecastingPredicting how a future outcome will make you feelWhat is mental simulation and how is it usefulImagine going through process of achieving goalHelps bc forces you to think through how to achieve it and helps anticipate problems What is an implementation intention and why is it helpfulWhen where and how something will be accomplishedHelps to ensure persistence in face of distraction and obstaclesHow do you make something a habitRepetitionpractice Why is constancy and moderation so important to achievementHelps to prevent burnout and helps you avoid anxiety over lack of progress What is contingency managementReward or punish yourself if you do or do not perform specific task Why is feedback so importantWhat is important and what isnt Why shouldnt you wait to feel motivated before you start working on a goalBc motivation follows action How can you change a situation to increase the likelihood of achieving your goalMake it easier for yourself What are the potential side effects of having clear goalsNarrowing of focus neglect of nongoalsUnethical behavior and reduced cooperationIncreased risk taking What is the prescription for these side effectsRegular reflection Knowing when to let goDistinguish between a growth mindset and a fixed mindsetGrowth Mindset intelligence as malleableFixed Mindset intelligence as fixed traitCan you change a persons mindset and if so howYes stress the importance of effortstrategies instead of intelligenceWhat might be the longterm consequences of adopting each mindsetFixed try very hard to avoid failure Growth dont mind failureLearning Principles Lecture also see PRINCIPLES OF LEARNING LECTUREAdditional Material posted on Moodle Why is the metaphor of the empty vessel not an appropriate description of learning
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